Stand Up Paddleboard (Guided tour)

Från SEK 790,00 kr
  • Varaktighet: 3 Timmar (cirka)
  • Produktkod: PJQAEX
Follow us on a guided trip with Stand Up Paddelboards on the waters of the wounderful Åredalen. We meet down at lake Åresjön and pack our car with boards and wetsuits before we drive up to the point where we will put the boards into the water. The first kilometers we travel on the slowly streaming Indalsälven before we reach Lake Åresjön. On Lake Åresjön we paddle along the shore for some more kilometers and here we enjoy the beautiful landscape and the wildlife of the region. The trip takes in total around 3 hours before we are back at the point where we met.

What will I experience?

A transfer from Åre to Tegeforsen then watch the beautiful landscape while paddling back to Åre.

Where do we start?

Åre hamn (Åre harbour). You can also see the location on the map to the right.

How to get there?

By car, taxi, foot or rent an e-bike from us

How long will it take?

About 3 hours

Any minimum age or length?

14 and able to swim

What do I have to bring?

Bathing suit or clothes that can withstand getting wet, shoes that can withstand getting wet and a bath towel.

Is there other things I need to know?

Wetsuit and life jacket included. You should have paddled SUP before.