Mini-scooter (for kids and adults)

  • Duration: 15 Minutes (approx.)
  • Location: Åre
  • Product code: PGZV2E

Bring the family and ride our snowmobiles for kids and adults on our track i Brattland, guaranteed something appreciated by all family members. Our easily accessible track is located i Brattlland (a few kilometers from the village) and it is possible for both adults and children to test these small and fun snowmobiles under control of one of our instructors. (The mini-scooters for adults are equipped with extra suspension). Our instructors always go through instructions and safety before the activity starts. Since the track is a fenced area, no driver's license or special age is required.


What will I experience?

15 min on a Mini-Scooter.

Where do we start?

The activity take place in Brattland. (Brattland 191)

How to get there?

By car or taxi.

How long will it take?

15 min plus time for instructions.

Any minimum requirements?

We recommend an age of 7-8 years to dive a Mini-Scooter alone, but adults can have a kid in in front of them, as long as the maximum weight of 100kg will not be reached.

What do I need to bring?

Warm clothes.

Is anything else I need to know?

Fuel is included in the price.

NOTE! No change of driver on the booked Mini-scooter is allowed during the rental period.

Our Mini-scooters are insured but the person who drive (or the one who is responisble for the one who drive) is responsible for any damage that may occur. If there is a damage to the Mini-Scooter caused by the driver, a deductible of SEK 10000 is charged.