Ice fishing with guide and coffee

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Out on the ice we first drill a hole through the ice and also explain the different fishing tecniques for Icefisfing. Suddenly you will feel a sharp tug on the jigging rod you hold in your hand and a lively fight between you and the arctic char begins. After a short time you have managed to get the fish up through the hole and now you have to hurry down again, because the arctic chars swims in shoals so now you have to take the opportunity.  We take you on a three hour trip on the ice of some of the frozen lakes around Åre and fish in the places where the arctic char and trout normally chop during the winter. During the fishing trip we also bring some refreshments for you.

What will I experience?

Guided ice fishing tour on a lake in the Åre region  including refreshments and transport to the ice with ATV and a sled.

Where do we start?

We start from
Åre Björnen (at our activitywagon outside Carins Krog).

How to get there?

By car, taxi, skibus or by foot.

How long will it take?

About 3 hours.

Any minimum age or length?


What do I have to bring?

Warm clothes for the weather and warm shoes or boots.

Is there other things I need to know?

Guide, equipment, fishing license, ATV transportation on the ice and refreshments are included.