Floating Sauna

  • Duration: 2 Hours (approx.)
  • Product code: PSHWL0
Rent our floating Sauna and discover Lake Åresjön in a different and new way. Our Sauna takes up to 12 people and we promise you will enjoy the heat from the wood fire, the relaxing room and the amazing views of the surrounding mountains. We also recommend a refreshing bath in the cold water.

Who is floating Sauna in Åre for?

Our floating Sauna is an easy accessible relaxing adventure for guests and groups who like to enjoy a Sauna in an amazing environment and a new different way.

The price 2800 SEK is for a two-hour rental where you could be maximum 12 pers.

What will I experience?
The wooden Sauna will be ready and hot for you at the shore. When you are ready you will be dragged out into to lake by a rope and then anchored for your time so you can relax in the silence by yourselves. At any time you can go outside and climb into a refreshing bath in the lake. 

Where do we start?

Åre hamn (Åre harbour). You can also see the location on the map to the right.

How to get there?

By car, taxi, foot or rent an e-bike from us

How long will it take?

2 hours, or you can rent it for 4 hours for a price of only 3500 SEK

Any minimum age or length?

You must be able to swim

What do I have to bring?

A towel and maybe some snacks and beverage

Are there other things I need to know?

Wood is included and the sauna is hot and ready at your starting time, enjoy!